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My name is Tony Napoli aka Tony Nap and TN I'm an ex-fighter, I fought on the USAF Boxing Team when I was on active duty in Japan, 1956. My Father was one of the Wiseguys who put together an organization in April, 1954 called "Ring 8" Veteran Boxers Association of NY. Helping indigent fighter's who need financial help, as well as health care. I'm also a recovering alcoholic since July 11 1994 and I'm making amends for those I have harmed in the past, by doing Volunteer work for Veterans who need my help. I do the form # 526 showing their Service-Connected injuries, and the appeals process free of charge. I'm with all VA Hospitals in the NY area, helping war time and peace time Veterans, These Veterans need someone like myself with the knowledge that I have in accounting. When you read my story you'll find that I did jail time when I took the law into my own hands and defended my Family. - read more of me and my family history on the Family History Page

"Jimmy Nap was a friend of mine, as is his son Tony now. Unlike mob rats telling their stories with gratuitous and self  serving lies, Tony tells his with honesty and a peacefulness of a man having come to grips with past conflicts in a peaceful way.  Readers will see things as they really were, not as the writer wishes they might have been."
~Sonny Girard, Former mobster and author of Blood of Our Fathers.
Bookcover.jpg"A knockout!"
This powerful book examines, in great detail, Tony Nap's checkered past and his amazing comeback, including all the help he now provides former fighters through his work with the Ring 8 Veteran Boxers Association." ~Bill Gallo, famed cartoonist and columnist, The New York Daily News

"A true story told in style of The French Connection." ~Sonny Grosso, former NYPD Detective and co-author of "The FrenchConnection."

"My Father, My Don is a fascinating personal journey through Organized Crime.  A must-read for anyone looking for an insider's look at life in the mob." ~Nick Pileggi, Best-selling author of Wiseguy [Goodfellas] and Casino

"A must-read...a fascinating autobiography with an insider's view of life in the mob." ~Nick Pileggi, Best-selling author of
Wiseguy [Goodfellas] and Casino



Order an autographed copy of my book a true story title "MY FATHER MY DON" with an autographed picture of myself send a check or money order for $25.00 to Tony Napoli, PO Box # 754009, Forest Hills, NY 11375


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Photo by: Phyllis Perkins Kempker  


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My Father, My Don

My Father, My Don

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