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Reformed Organized Crime Boss Talks About His Book and His Father: Tony Napoli and My Father, My Don

Today I have the honor of hosting Tony Napoli, as he tours with his new book My Father, My Don: A Son's Journey From Organized Crime to Sobriety. Tony's story is amazing, and I encourage everyone to take a moment and read how Tony overcame his life in organized crime and alcoholism.

Moving back and forth in time from the 1800s to the present day, My Father, My Don: A Son's Journey From Organized Crime to Sobriety.tells the saga of the Napoli Family and takes its reader on a true-life journey, detailing one family's involvement in American organized crime. As told through the eyes of Anthony "Tony Nap" Napoli, the book follows the story of his father, James "Jimmy Nap" Napoli, who grew up in New York at the turn of the century and who ascended through the ranks of the Mafia to become one of the most powerful and respected mob bosses of all time. Jimmy Nap's career took him from street-level crime to an assassination attempt on Elliot Ness; from a relationship with Cuban strongman Fulgencio Batista to becoming a Mob Kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years. Jimmy Nap's sphere of influence extended to many businesses and industries, including professional boxing, casinos, and entertainment.

My Father My Don: A Son's Journey from Organized Crime to Sobriety

Tony Napoli talks about his father James "Jimmy Nap" Napoli and their relationship in organized crime.

My Father and I were like a team. He was the coach, and I was the player. He taught and I learned. The thing is we never saw eye to eye on many things. When it came to the order of things, he would say to me, "They are my friends, and you're just a Johnny-come-lately." When it came to putting me above the people he grew up with, he'd say, "You have to earn your way by listening and doing the right things; that make's you a man."

In conducting his NUMBER RACKET, he did not want logical reasoning. As long as his men left enough for him after the payouts, he was content. I looked at the percentages of what each runner and controller should get. At sit downs, his crew of men always agreed with my father's decision where I questioned it.

When it came to the immediate family, he was way ahead of me in tradition and understanding. His decisions were from the heart, with love and respect for my mother and me. I accepted all of his family teachings and shared all the love I could possibly give. So, no matter what happened between us on the outside, we never brought the family business home.
Tony Napoli Reformed Organized Crime Boss

Because, of my disagreements with my father and his men, I became a heavy drinker and started to use my hands on the men. I would meet them in local bars, restaurants and after-hour places that I controlled. With the help of my crew, I'd throw them out and work them over. I couldn't stand them. They earned more than me, only because my father allowed it. Without my father, they couldn't find a job.

The next day, after I worked one of his men over, my father dismissed me from all activities and ordered me to get out of his sight. I know what that meant. Get out of town til the heat cooled off. After awhile, he'd send me a message to come back home and everything was forgiven. That happened once too many times, and I finally left him and changed my name. I was gone for three-and-a-half-years and never called him or Mother. During those years, I lost my mother; she died of cancer.

My Father found me in New Mexico under a different name, and after hugging and kissing me, he brought me back to New York. After following his advice to taper down my temper, I met a wonderful Italian girl whom I married and straightened up my life. It was the love and affection that my mother-in-law gave me that encouraged me to stay close to my father for the benefit of my new family.

In my book you will find a very strong bond between a father and son, and learn how my father kept me alive when all the wiseguys wanted to do away with me. It shows you that keeping a strong love line between father and son is a stronger bond than Omerta, the oath taken by members of organized crime families, when they become made men. In order to begin to heal the relationship between a father and son today, I believe all the family must get involved. Admit to yourself when you are wrong, and make amends to all those you have harmed. That's when your father will come to you. My Father died in my arms and I'm sure he heard me when I said to him "I love you"

Thank you for sharing.

Tony (Tony Nap) Napoli, author of My Father, My Don: A Son's Journey From Organized Crime to Sobriety.

About Tony Napoli

Tony “Tony Nap” Napoli is the son of one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era. His father was a mob kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years. Tony grew up in Brooklyn and has had a checkered life as a soldier, a boxer, an enforcer, a casino boss, a fugitive, and a hustler. Finally, after a brutal attack against a young man who sexually abused his daughter, Tony was sentenced to a period at a VA hospital. During these years, Tony cleaned himself up, successfully completing a sobriety program, becoming pivotal in the rights-for-veterans movement, and helping former boxers get counseling and other services.

To order an autographed copy of my book "MY FATHER MY DON" with an autographed picture of me send a check or money order for $25.00 with your return address to : Tony Napoli, PO Box# 754009, Forest Hills, NY 11375


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My Father, My Don